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Roger W. Jordan
"The World's Merchant Fleets 1939"
Naval Institute Press 1999
624 pp.
Informacja o autorze książki, zamieszczona na skrzydełku obwoluty:

Roger W. Jordan, who first became interested in ships in the
1950s, began his career in shipping in 1960 with Clan Line, and
later joined Lloyd's Shipping Publications. He was editor of
Lloyd's Log for twelve years, a and has also been a regular
contributor to
Ships Monthly and Sea Breezes. He was co-
founder in 1962 of the Thames Ship Society, elected a Freeman
of the City of London in 1980, and appointed as a magistrate in
Essex in 1981. His varied interests, including acting as an
editorial consultant to several publishing companies, leaves little
opportunity to see ships but he prefers to remember them as
they were during the golden age of the golden age of the
merachant marine.